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2016 Google Penguin Algorithm Update | What’s Changing?

We all thought the new Google Penguin Algorithm update was going to land on us as a 2015 end of year checkup. However, we now know according to Search Engine Land that it’s going to be a 2016 Google Penguin Algorithm update.

Those Webmasters and SEOs who have been gearing up for the update will now have to wait till 2016. I’m sure some will nervously wait while others like myself and our company are eager to see what the new 2016 Google Penguin Algorithm update will bring.

Features of the 2016 Google Penguin Algorithm Update.

A key feature that is expected to be included in this 2016 penguin update is the “real time” feature. This feature will enable the Google Penguin algorithm to discover, analyze, and rank changes to a website’s SEO in real time.

The effects of this “real time” algorithm will be (at least) in two folds. The good and the bad or not so good. For instance, let’s say your website have Google penalties due to the nature of your links. Then you removed or disavowed these links. As soon as Google discovers that those links have been removed or disavowed, the Google Penguin algorithm will analyze and process those changes in real time and you will recover from those penalties very quickly.

However, the second fold effect is; getting a Google Penguin penalty can be “pretty” fast. Since the new Penguin algorithm will discover, analyze and rank changes in real time, your website could be slapped with penalties in real time as well. This is when you will prefer to choose “on-demand” instead of “real time/live streaming” if you have the choice. 🙂

What can you do now, about the upcoming 2016 Google Penguin Algorithm Update?

If you’re wondering what to do or what’s going to happen once the update is out, I suggest you ensure that your website follows Google Webmaster Guidelines. Why? Because changes of any kind are carried out based on already known “realities”. No exception with the Google Penguin updates. Every update are made based on known “realities” or factors from the current Google Penguin Algorithm in line with Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you have in any little way make a “Black-Hat-SEO” looks like a “White-Hat-SEO”, STOP RIGHT NOW!!!

If your website conforms to Google Webmaster Guidelines, great chances are you won’t be negatively affected when the 2016 Google Penguin Algorithm update comes out.

If you can’t do this on your own, always consult with those who have the technical background, skills and knowledge.

NOTE: This article will be updated when the new Google Penguin algorithm is release. Also, when we get a firsthand experience of the new update.

So, are you excited and eager to see the 2016 Google Penguin Algorithm update? Or are you nervous and wish Google wait another year? Tell us what you think about the upcoming Google Penguin algorithm update.

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2 thoughts on “2016 Google Penguin Algorithm Update | What’s Changing?”

  1. You made a very good point. I’m very sure that the best way to be safe from penalties or updates changes is to follow google webmaster guidelines. Gone are the days when you can succeed in manipulating google search engine.
    Good article, thank you.


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