Speed Up WordPress Website

Want to speed up WordPress website? Let us speed up your WordPress website to decrease your bounce rate, improve your user experience and capture more leads.

High Bounce Rate Due to Slow WordPress Website?

A slow WordPress website is not only bad for SEO, but also bad for your website visitors, who are potential customers. When your WordPress website is slow, you will miss out on conversions. Visitors to your website will not be happy. This will result in you missing out on critical customer leads. Compuvate can make your WordPress website load faster, decrease your website’s bounce rate, and increase time spent on your site. Do not have to miss out on important leads to your competition because your website is slow.

How Fast Should your Website Load?

The short answer: your website should load as fast as possible. However, you should target for 1-2 seconds. This load time is critical for visitors on mobile devices.

Site performance has been a key factor for Google for many years now. Today, it is crucial for the growth of any business online.

“there have been studies by Akamai who found that two seconds is actually the threshold for e-commerce site acceptability. Meaning that that’s what users like to shop with. At Google, we aim for under a half second.” Maile Ohye, Google, 2010

Let us help you improve the speed of your WordPress website. Reach out to us. We are here to help.

How Does Our Own WordPress Website Score?

Will you not agree that if we say we can improve the speed of your WordPress website, we should be able to speed up our own WordPress website? That is exactly what we did. See for yourself our GTmetrix score below.

compuvate's gtmetrix score

Want to Improve your WordPress Website Speed?