WordPress Services

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Compuvate delivers tailored WordPress services spanning from simple blog setups to complex e-commerce and corporate websites. Our services are meticulously crafted to meet each client’s unique needs, ensuring flexibility and a commitment to client satisfaction.

Our WordPress Services

WordPress Website Design and Development

Compuvate’s WordPress website designers and developers can create for you a visually stunning and functionally robust WordPress website.

  • Responsive design for optimal mobile and desktop viewing.
  • Integration of user-friendly WordPress themes and templates.
  • Custom layout and design elements to fit your brand.
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image of Compuvate WordPress Customization and Theme Development

WordPress Customization and Theme Development

We can personalize any WordPress themes to perfectly align with your brand and vision. We can also design and develop from scratch a custom WordPress theme for your website. Our WordPress customization and theme development solutions include:

  • Bespoke theme development for unique online identity.
  • Tailored theme adjustments for brand consistency.
  • Advanced customization for specific functional requirements.

Plugin Development and Integration

Enhancing WordPress functionality with custom plugin solutions. Let’s create your next big custom plugin. WordPress plugin development solutions include:

  • Custom plugin development for specialized features.
  • Seamless integration of essential WordPress plugins.
  • Resolution of plugin conflicts and compatibility issues.
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Content Management and Migration

We Streamline content processes and seamless site migration to WordPress. Our content management and migration solutions include:

  • Efficient content organization using WordPress tools.
  • Smooth transition of websites to WordPress platform.
  • Setup of custom post types for organized content management.

WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

Compuvate offers reliable hosting and maintenance for your WordPress websites. WordPress hosting and maintenance solutions include:

  • Managed hosting solutions tailored for WordPress.
  • Regular site updates, backups, and performance checks.
  • Dedicated support for technical issues and queries.
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E-commerce Solutions for WordPress

Building comprehensive e-commerce platforms using WooCommerce on WordPress. Our e-commerce solutions for WordPress include:

  • Full-scale WooCommerce integration for online stores.
  • Custom e-commerce features for user-friendly shopping experiences.
  • Secure payment and shipping solutions integration.

Complete Design Control

Extensive Plugin Options

Full Data Ownership

Enhanced SEO Capabilities

Customizable Functionality

Unlimited Theme Choices

Advanced Security Features

Total Content Freedom

E-commerce Flexibility

Unique Brand Identity

WordPress Security Solutions

We implement robust security measures to ensure your WordPress website is highly secured from the bad guys. Our WordPress security solutions include:

  • Regular security updates and vulnerability assessments.
  • Installation of advanced security plugins and firewalls.
  • Proactive monitoring and immediate threat response.
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image of Compuvate WordPress Performance Optimization

WordPress Performance Optimization Services

Compuvate’s WordPress developers can enhance your WordPress website’s speed and overall performance. Our WordPress optimization include:

  • Optimization techniques for faster loading times.
  • Implementation of caching and CDN services.
  • Image and database optimization for efficiency.

WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimize every WordPress website we create for maximum search engine visibility. We can also provide ongoing optimization for better SEO performance. Our WordPress SEO include:

  • Implementing key SEO strategies for higher rankings.
  • Integration of top SEO plugins like Yoast.
  • Ongoing SEO maintenance for sustained results.
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an image of Compuvate WordPress Training and Support Services

WordPress Training and Support Services

Compuvate’s WordPress services include empowering clients with WordPress knowledge and continuous support. We do this by providing:

  • Comprehensive training sessions on WordPress usage.
  • Accessible documentation for self-help and learning.
  • Ongoing support for any WordPress needs.

WordPress Accessibility and Compliance Solutions

Compuvate ensures your WordPress website meets accessibility and regulatory standards by:

  • Adherence to WCAG guidelines for accessibility.
  • Compliance solutions for GDPR and other regulations.
  • Regular audits for compliance and accessibility improvements.
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WordPress Multilingual and Multisite Solutions

We can expand your WordPress website’s capabilities with multilingual and multisite features. These include:

  • Setup and management of WordPress multisite networks.
  • Development of multilingual sites for global reach.
  • Localization and translation management tools integration.

Scalable Performance

Ad Revenue Opportunities

Multilingual Support

Integration Flexibility

Community Support Network

Access to Analytics Tools

Direct Customer Engagement

Improved Loading Speed

Regular Updates Control

Use of Custom Domain