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Compuvate is a New York City based full-services digital marketing company. We specialized in wide range of digital marketing services. PPC management services. AdWords management. SEO Services. Website Design. Webmaster Services. Web Development. Social Media Management. Plus other Digital Marketing Services. We can help your business reach more customers online. The internet and mobile devices gives every business the chance to succeed. Therefore, take advantage of these growth opportunities. Use Compuvate’s innovative digital marketing services to grow your business.

Our complete line of digital marketing services can help grow your business.

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Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, PPC Management Services

PPC / AdWords Management

Good PPC campaigns gives your brand instant impact. A much broader reach and exposure to those searching for what you offer. Succeed with better PPC Campaigns. We Can Help…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, SEO Services NYC

SEO Services

Our SEO Services includes; Organic Search Increase, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research & Strategy, Activity Report and more. Let’s help you increase search visibility…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Webmaster Services

Webmaster Services

Get that bug off your website! Our webmaster services keep a 24/7 monitoring eye on your website and online presence. We make sure your online infrastructure is optimal. Find out how we can keep Maintaining your website…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Social Media Management Services

Social Media Management

When social strategy is done effectively, it can grow your business. I can help increase your social presence and audience engagement. Hence, going viral will be easy. See how we can help…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Website Design Services

Website Design

A Website designed with SEO in mind will not only rank well on search engines, it will also improve user’s experience on your website and become a traffic magnet. See how we can help you…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, WordPress Services

Convert Static Websites

Looking to convert your static or HTML website to a responsive mobile-friendly website? Good way to go! Search engines no longer like our long-time static friends. Therefore, now’s the time to get a responsive website…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Web Development Services Manhattan NYC

Web Development

Cutting Edge Web Development. We develop web applications in various languages. These includes; HTML5, CSS, JAVA, AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rail, C++, Python and more. Let’s build today. Learn more…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Online Business Listing

Free Online Business Listing

List your business for free on our website. We SEO every listing. Listing your business and website here will also give you one good new link to your website. More…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, IT Consulting Services

Computer Consulting

Compuvate IT consulting services can help you focus on running your business with peace of mind knowing your computer systems are performing as needed. More…

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency?

As a New York City based digital marketing agency we get this question a lot. Business owners and decision makers want to know what to consider when sorting through the hundreds of agencies to find the ideal agency for their online marketing needs. Here are some pointers you can use before deciding.

Do your own due diligent by researching and understanding what digital marketing is all about. Also, learn how it can benefit your business or organization. Find out what makes an agency you are interested in different from the others. Look into how their pricing is structured. Carefully check what their promises / commitments are towards your business online goals. Check their credibility. Find out what kind of partnership they seek with their clients. Focus on long term partnership. These are basic knowledge of a digital marketing agency you need to have before deciding. Compuvate is here to always be your digital marketing agency partner you can depend on.

More about our Digital Marketing Agency and Services

Are you searching for a reliable Internet marketing company that can deliver results to your expectations? Compuvate is the agency you can depend on. Therefore, you can have full confidence of a winning solution for your business digital marketing needs. So, whether you are in need of search engine optimization, webmaster services, pay pay click management, AdWords campaign setup and management, website design, custom WordPress website design, website maintenance or robust WordPress security, our goal is to help your business succeed online and grow. You can count on us!

When it comes to deciding on what online marketing strategy to implement to grow your business, you need a reliable digital marketing agency. An agency such as Compuvate to be committed to achieving your business goals. An agency that will approach your projects as it own, provide speedy services when responding to your needs. Thereby, ensuring that all your online infrastructure; like your website are secured and running on the latest technology. An agency with the skills, experience and tools to deliver better results.

A Digital Marketing Agency You Can Trust

We are the internet marketing services specialist you can confidently TRUST AND PARTNER WITH! Our philosophy is built on TRUST, RELIABILITY, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY, PROFESSIONALISM and COMMITMENT to the greater success of your business. Hence, you can bank on us!

So, tell us about your online goals. Find out how we can help your business succeed online. Call us on (212) 500-0570 or complete and submit our online contact form.

Sammy and his company has done some really technical work for us including a very complicated 301 redirect program as well as many WordPress customization’s. He is also a joy to work with, well worth the money.

Alan Horowitz

New York, USA, Alan David Custom

We use Compuvate for our webmaster duties and he provides great and prompt service!

Glenn Greenhouse

New York, USA, Greenhouse Agency, Ltd.

We’ve worked closely with Compuvate as a vendor partner on a project. Compuvate is responsive and professional. They produce high-quality results on development projects, operating with the rigorous security of a larger web agency but the speed of a small one. Would recommend them to anyone looking to build a website!

Alexander Wise

San Francisco, USA, Review on Google

We’ve help clients achieve their online Goals. We can do the same for you…

At Compuvate, we strive to ensure that our digital marketing services and all other services we provide achieve your main goals. Goals such as; rank top on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing search results, increase your website traffic, increase your website conversion rate, increase your website revenues – better ROI, reduce website bounce rate, increase website leads, increase foot traffic into your local store, building a strong online presence and much more.

Let’s make your website popular

Are you seeking to make your business the popular kid in the block? We have you covered! We can be your complete go-to digital marketing agency for all your digital Marketing Services.

Our team work with excitement, youthfulness, innovation and precision. We can help your business grow online sooner than you think with quality and long lasting online marketing services you need now and into the future.

At Compuvate, we apply the “Golden Rule” in our service delivery and dealing with our clients: “do unto others what you would have them do to you..” We try to put ourselves in the client’s shoe, assuming, if we were in the client’s position, how will we want to be treated or served. With this kind of mentality, we always go the extra mile to provide the very best.

Your Business WILL BE in Good Hands

With quality, patient, longevity in mind, you are sure to be in great hands. We believe the more growth we can achieve for your business the better our reward.

Compuvate is not just any other company just seeking to increase our client base. We believe in partnership. Every client is seen as a partner who deserves our loyalty and strong commitment to growth.

Giving you the best is just what we will do! Give us a Try!!!

Trillions of searches every year on alone.

Over half are made on mobile devices. Is your business optimized for a mobile-first world?

This is New York’s Full-Services Marketing Company, accredited AdWords Management Agency, accredited Google Partner Agency, providing SEO Services, PPC Management Services, Webmaster Services, SEO Web Design Services and more. Marketing Services you can RELY on to succeed.

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