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Unlock Your Website's Potential with Technical SEO Services

Unlock the full potential of your website with Compuvate’s cutting-edge Technical SEO Services. Our experts specialize in optimizing your website’s technical aspects to enhance visibility, rankings, and performance. Stay ahead of the competition by implementing the latest SEO techniques. Experience exceptional results with our technical SEO services.

Grow Your Business with Best Practice Technical SEO Services

A website that is slow with lots of technical SEO issues, will perform badly on search. Your bounce rate will increase. You will loose potential customers to your competition. However, that shouldn’t be your story. With our SEO specialists on your team, your site performance will be improved so that your webpages can rank better to capture high-quality leads, and grow your business. Our search engine optimization services are result-oriented with a focus on getting you the best results.

What's Included in Our Technical SEO Services?

Below is a summary (not complete) list of what’s included in Compuvate’s technical SEO.

Identify Crawl Errors

To get your technical SEO project off a great start, we will run a crawl audit as part of a complete technical SEO audit which will offer us insight into errors currently affecting each web page on your site. This includes identifying the most pressing technical issues affecting your site rankings.

Page Load Time

Site speed or individual page speed are top item in our technical SEO checklist. We will check and improve the load time of your site to ensure a better user experience and create a positive impact on key metrics that search engines such as Google us to for ranking a webpage.


We ensure that your web pages are mobile friendly by checking and pointing out area that needs to be addressed to improve your site technical SEO. From font size, images Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), we will leave no stone unturned to ensure a better mobile experience.

We will ensure your site XML sitemap which contain URL structure of your web pages for a search engine follows best practice XML sitemap protocol and properly configure to achieve SEO success.

We will properly setup your robots.txt file to ensure that a search engine or a bot crawler have the proper/necessary permission to crawl and index your web pages.

Since HTTPS has become a strong ranking factor that can significantly affect your website’s ranking, we ensure that your switch from http to https is done properly and that your SSL certificate is correctly setup.

Find & Fix Broken Links

Broken links are bad for SEO – no other way to put it. That is why as part of our technical SEO project, we put emphasis on finding and fixing all link problems on your website’s to increase it chances to rank better. This process also contributes to developing a good internal linking and external link building strategy.

Keyword Cannibalization

We will ensure that each page on your site is free from keyword cannibalization. No two web pages on your site should be optimized for the same keywords. Each page will be optimized with it own unique keyword. Our technical SEO specialists will conduct a thorough keyword research to ensure no keyword stuffing for better page SEO.

Find & Fix Site-wide Duplicate Content

As part of our technical SEO service, we use AI tools and manually to review your entire website content to find any form of duplicate content including metadata, and change as necessary to avoid duplicate content issues.

Our technical SEO experts will ensure your web pages have the appropriate structured data to make it easier for search engines to index your webpages more efficiently, provide relevant search results, and rich snippets. Thereby, improving your organic search rankings.

Google-supported AMP project is aimed at helping websites speed up the delivery of content to mobile users. With Compuvate’s SEO, we can enable the AMP version of your website so you can reach more users who are on the go.

We will make sure that important SEO tools such as Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools are properly setup for your website. So that these major search engines can better discover, index, and rank your site pages. These tools will be used as part of our SEO strategy on-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

Why Is Technical SEO Very Important?

Technical components of SEO are important because if any search engine can’t properly crawl your site, and index your web pages, potential customers won’t find you on search. Therefore, by following technical SEO best practice, we can ensure that your site is easy to navigate, free of all technical issues. These technical issues if left unchecked can prevent your web pages from being understood and ranked by search engines. That is why, the technical components of SEO should be added to your marketing efforts.

The SEO services we provide ensures your webpages get crawled and indexed by search engines, enabling you to drive more traffic to your site and increase your leads.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your web pages and web server to help search engines efficiently crawl your site, and index those pages. When this is done properly, it can improve the organic rankings of your pages, and the user experience of your site visitors.

At Compuvate, we employed best practices SEO so that search engines such Google and Bing can readily crawl, index, and render pages on your site.

To improve the technical aspects of your site SEO, here are some SEO components to give attention to:

  • The availability of your webpages to search engines
  • Overall site speed and speed of individual pages
  • How site resources used and handle
  • Restricted resources from indexing
  • Are you following Google’s quality guidelines?
  • Are each web page on your site mobile friendly in terms of speed and use?
  • Webite security – SSL, HTTP, HTTPS, etc…
  • URLs – Canonical, Dynamic, Length, Friendly, Broken, etc….
  • Schema Markup
  • Sitemap
  • Robots.txt file
  • and more….