Mobile Is Driving Near Me Google Searches » How to have a Share from this Huge Pie?

Resent Google Trends shows that Mobile is driving near me Google searches more than ever before. People are turning to their mobile devices for search queries such as: coffee near me, gym near me, dentist near me, restaurant near me, etc.

With this growing trend, Google has increased the “near me” and “nearby” search queries variations in auto-suggest search queries on phones and mobile devices.

The graph below shows the rate at which mobile is driving near me Google searches in the United States alone.

Mobile Is Driving Near Me Google Searches

You can see from the graph above that the “near me” search queries has continued to increase. How can you tap into this trend and put your products or services right in front of those hungry buys just “nearby” searching for what you offer? Here are three strategies you can implement or improve right now to reach this growing online mobile users.

1) Make your entire website mobile friendly: Your website is the foundation of your online presence. With a mobile website, Google will consider your website contents friendly for mobile users. This will put your business in line to be displayed on search results for searches made on mobile devices.

2) Ensure your business is listed on Google local business listing – Google My Business: With an optimized local business page on Google, your business can be found from those “near me” and “nearby” search queries.

3) Invest on Google AdWords advertising for mobile: This will give your products and services a “turbocharged” exposure to mobile users. Find a qualified and accredited Google partner agency. Working with a qualify AdWords agency ensures your campaign’s success. Don’t try to do this yourself. Except you have the technical skills and time to manage a successful campaign. Otherwise, seek the service of a Google partner agency. You can search the Google partner network for a certified agency. Google AdWords advertising works and is profitable when done right from the start.

The trend is vividly evident, mobile is driving near me Google searches and your business should take advantage of this growing trend right now.

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  1. Nice article! We converted our website from static to mobile site. We also optimize our adwords campaigns. the results have been great. more online sales coming in than before. having a mobile site is the way to go.

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