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Google Ignores Keywords TLDs for Ranking Purposes – “Confirmed”

Google ignores keywords TLDs for ranking purposes – confirms John Mueller of Google.

If you were thinking there will be #dotComArmageddon, think again. Because, that won’t happen.

In a Google Hangout, Barry Schwartz got John Mueller of Google to confirm that Google ignores keywords TLD such as .MEDIA, .ATTORNEY, .PHOTOGRAPH, etc, for ranking purposes.

As a result, switching from a .COM to a keyword-rich TLD won’t improve your website ranking.

Therefore, (according to John Mueller) any story about websites seeing ranking boost after switching from a .COM to a keyword-rich TLD is a false story.

Google Ignores Keywords TLDs for Ranking Purposes-sad-lawyer
Google ignored his .ATTORNEY TLD – not a ranking factor

Here is part of the Google Hangout transcript:

Barry: So, I know we shouldn’t care about keywords in the URLs and so forth, but Google has said over time that keywords in the URL do get looked at by the algorithms, they might have a tiny little, tiny little, itty-bitty factor in terms of rankings. But you specifically called out saying that keyword rich TLDs, like .attorney for example… Are they not looked at all? Do you say anything in the TLD is not, the keywords in the TLDs are not looked at all? Are they excluded? Or are they the same as keywords in the URL?

John Mueller: As far as I understand, it’s pretty much completely. So the TLD is not something we take into account there.

Barry: At all?

John Mueller: Yea.

Here is the Hangout video. It should start play where Barry asked the question. You can play the video from the beginning if you want to.

My view on this confirmation that Google Ignores Keywords TLDs for Ranking Purposes

I think it make much sense that Google ignores keywords TLDs for ranking purposes. Google rank websites and webpages base on the content relevancy and whether that page meets Google guidelines to improve user experience.

However, if Google was to rank a website base on it keyword-rich TLD, what if that website though having a keyword-rich TLD, has poor page content and fail to meet Google’s webmaster guidelines. Hence, to give such website a ranking boost based on it keyword-rich TLD won’t ensure best user experience for the site visitors and Google users. Google’s primary goal is to ensure top search query results guarantees best user experience.

My Recommendations

    Rather than switching, stick to your .COM TLD – don’t fall for any promise of ranking boost to your website if you switch to a keyword-rich TLD.

    Also, improve your website’s content and structure.

    Especially relevant, improve your website for a great mobile experience – its a mobile-first world.

    Most of all, closely follow Google’s webmaster guidelines and do SEO (search engine optimization) right.

In conclusion

The dominance of .COM TLDs is here to stay. Hence, improve your website and it content, you’re sure to improve your ranking.

If you need help, seek a professional. You can also contact Compuvate’s support team to talk about your current needs and find out how Compuvate can help you and your business.

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2 thoughts on “Google Ignores Keywords TLDs for Ranking Purposes – “Confirmed””

  1. I agreed! thanks for sharing. many people turning to these new tlds hoping to rank in their respective industries without focusing on optimizing their website.


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