McAfee Reveals Jimmy Kimmel As the Most Dangerous Celebrity of 2014

McAfee described him as:

Talented on screen.
Deadly Online.

In McAfee’s “2014 Most Dangerous Celebrities” list, Jimmy Kimmel, the comedian and late night host of the show Jimmy Kimmel Live, is McAfee’s most dangerous celebrity to search for online in 2014.

The computer security company says; “When you search for videos and downloads of Jimmy Kimmel, you’ve got a 1 in 5 chance to click on a page that tests positive for viruses and other malware”.

Other celebrities McAfee considers as dangerous cyber celebrities of 2014 are; Armin van Buuren, Ciara, Flo Rida, Bruce Springsteen, Blake Shelton, Britney Spears, Jon Bon Jovi, Chelsea Handler and Christina Aguilera.

To stay protected McAfee recommends the following:

Beware of clicking on third party links. Access content directly from content provider’s official websites.

Ensure you are using a web protection that will notify you of risky sites or links before you click or visit them.

Don’t download videos from suspect sites. Do not download anything from a site you don’t trust.

Be very careful with “Free downloads”, they are by far the highest virus-prone search term.

On your phone and other mobile devices, always use password protection. This will ensure in the event your phone is lost or stolen, anyone who picks up the device will not have access to your personal information online.

Don’t “log in” or provide other information: don’t respond to a message, text, email or visit third-party website that asks for your information such as – credit card, email, home address, Facebook login, or any other information to grant access to an exclusive story. This is a common tactic for phishing and identity theft.

Search online using a tool, such as SiteAdvisor software, which protects users from malicious websites and browser exploits. A complimentary version of SiteAdvisor software can be downloaded at

To learn more about the list and a chance to ‘win some red carpet swag’, see “Most Dangerous Celebrities” from McAfee.

“CNET – Jimmy Kimmel tops McAfee’s list of ‘most dangerous celebrities’.

When it comes to ‘Internet Security”, what precautions do you take?

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