Focus on Running your Business and let Compuvate Computer Consulting Services focus on Managing your Computer System

Compuvate computer consulting services can help you focus on running your business with peace of mind knowing your computer systems are performing and managed as needed. With Compuvate computer consulting services, you have the option to have us manage every aspects of your business computer technology needs or request our service per individual projects – whichever best fit your current need – we’re here to help

On a daily or regular basis, business owners like you face the challenging and decision making process deciding what’s the best technology to implement in their business or what’s the best technology management service to adopt for their computer system. These challenges and decision making process in most cases if not all, distracts a business owner from his main duties of running his business, like; making sure customers are satisfied.

Does that described you or your current situation? If so, worry no more – You’ve come to the right place!

With Compuvate computer consulting services, we ensure your entire computer systems are up and running making sure your business is always ready for business. Whether you’re looking for a day-to-day IT management services, to protect your computer systems, backup and protect your data, keep virus and intrusions at bay, optimize your network, etc… The Compuvator has a solution for you.

Below are some of the computer consulting services we can provide to your business, company, organization or individual office:

Daily IT Management Solution

  • With our daily IT Management solution, we ensure that your systems are running, addressing any potential problem that may arise – we fix before it break.
  • Provide on-demand technical support should you encounter issue with you computer or using an application or just in need of guide navigating your computer or an application.
  • Implement and monitor system security measures to protect your system/business from virus attack or data breach.
  • New Hardware, Software setup and support
  • Spyware and Virus removal
  • Software installation, uninstallation and support
  • Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Device and Server Support
  • Remote network access and support

Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity and disaster recovery plan should be key priority for any business or organization. What will you do if a disaster strikes – system or equipment failure? Will your business recover quickly and continue operations? Or will you be out of business?

  • With Compuvate business continuity plan, we ensure in the event of any form of disaster, your business or organization is ready to quickly restore, recover and be in operation without any loss of data.
  • Implement daily data backup procedures to ensure you have secured data in the event of data loss.
  • We deploy a data recovery procedure to ensure fast recovery process in the event of any form of disaster.
  • Create off-site data backup and replication with remote access.

Computer Repairs

  • You break it – We’ll repair it! Whatever physical damage your computer device may have, “The Compuvator” have a solution for you, whether to repair or replace (whole or part) we get you covered.
  • Hardware Troubleshooting, Repair and Upgrades

Network Management Services

From assessment to implementation and security, we ensure your computer system network is performing with reliable speed and security. We make sure you’re connected whenever you need to.


Need to train your team to use a particular application or system? We understand the challenges in putting together a training plan for any team. Let us help you! We can create a customized training program on an individual or team basis that is effective and cost efficient.

Run your business or organization with peace of mind knowing your computer systems are managed and monitored by a trusted partner. Call us on (212) 500-0570 or complete and submit our online Request form.

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