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Computer Consulting Services by Compuvate

Focus on running your business and let Compuvate™ computer consulting services focus on managing your computer system

Reliable and Dependable IT Consulting Services

Compuvate computer consulting services can help you focus on running your business with peace of mind knowing your computer systems are performing and managed as needed. With Compuvate computer consulting services, you have the option to have us manage every aspect of your business computer technology needs or request our services per individual projects — whichever best fit your current need — we’re here to support you.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without physically present at my store location."
Susan Bright
Small Business Owner

Computer consulting and IT services includes:

Daily IT Management

With our daily IT Management solution, we ensure that your systems are running, addressing any potential problem that may arise – we fix before it break.

Daily IT Support Includes

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity and disaster recovery plan should be key priority for any business or organization. What will you do if a disaster strikes – system or equipment failure? Will your business recover quickly and continue operations? Or will you be out of business?

Disaster Recovery Solutions Include

Computer Repairs

You break it – Compuvate™ Fix It!

We know these days, people just buy new computers when old once are break. You do not have to. At least not at all times. So, if you have that “old faithful” computer of yours that you do not want to path with, Compuvate can help. Whatever physical damage your computer device may have, “The Compuvator™” have a solution for you, whether to repair or replace (whole or part) we get you covered. Hardware Troubleshooting, Repair and Upgrades are all available.

Network management services

Computer Networking that Works!
From assessment to implementation and security, we ensure your computer system network is performing with reliable speed and security. We make sure you’re connected whenever you need to.
You run your business while Compuvate manages your computer system. Together We Innovate™.

On a daily or regular basis, business owners like you face the challenging and decision-making process of deciding what is the best technology to implement in their business or what’s the best technology management service to adopt for their computer system. These challenges and decision-making process in most cases, if not all, distracts a business owner from his main duties of running his business. Duties such as customer satisfaction.

Does that describe you or your current situation? If so, worry no more — you have come to the right place!

With Compuvate computer consulting services, we ensure your entire computer systems are up and running making sure your business is always ready for business. Whether you are looking for day-to-day IT management services to protect your computer systems, backup and protect your data, keep virus and intrusions at bay, optimize your network, etc. The Compuvator™ has a solution for you.

Run your business or organization with peace of mind knowing your computer systems are supported by a trusted partner. Call us on (212) 500-0570 or complete and submit our online request form.