The Most Innovative Companies Of 2014

Three-quarters of the 1,500 global senior innovation executives we surveyed in 2014 reported that innovation is among the top three priorities for their companies. And 61 percent indicated that they are spending more on innovation this year than in 2013. While these numbers are largely consistent with those for 2013, important differences emerge when we look behind the averages at individual industries and countries. Notably, we see sharp shifts in the innovation stance of specific industries, a big change in the industry mix, and a heightened priority on innovation in rapidly developing economies (RDEs).

You can read the full Boston Consulting Group article here. You can also download a PDF format of the full report from the same site here.

Below you will find an interactive guide to the list of top 50 innovative companies of 2014 with Apple Inc. continues to top the list since 2005.

For more about the latest list and how it was created, see The Most Innovative Companies 2014: Breaking Through Is Hard to Do, BCG report, October 2014.

What do you think about Apple consistently topping the list of most innovative companies?

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