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A digital marketing company specializing in SEO services, PPC management, AdWords management, webmaster services, website design and more.

Compuvate is a leading Digital Marketing Company in New York City. Our digital marketing services can help your business succeed online. Our approach to service delivery and clients relationship is unique and unmatched. Making us your “go-to” digital marketing company in the “Big Apple”.

As a leading digital marketing company, we believe in people and technology. We strongly believe in “Thinking Differently.” The way we think differently and demonstrate what we believe, is by providing innovative SEO services, PPC (pay per click), webmaster services and other digital marketing services that are affordable, reliable, consistent, smart, responsive and result oriented.

We believe that no business owner should have to go through difficulties to determine the best SEO PPC and digital marketing technologies for their business’ present and future growth. While demonstrating what we believe, we maintain higher service standards, professionalism and loyalty to our customers and keeping our corporate Integrity.

We challenge the status quo! Our customers are not just another client. We see our clients as partners, working together for growth where everyone have a strong say and accountability. Providing satisfactory services to each of our Clients is a desire, not just another revenue pursuit, making us different from others (whom we don’t consider as competitors because we’re unique and different).

The leadership at Compuvate is one that is built on the belief that without people (happy customers and employees), there will be nothing to lead. So we strive to ensure our customers’ service needs are satisfied and our team is always motivated to efficiently and effectively serve clients needs.

Here at Compuvate, we simply look out for you! Whether you want us to take the lead or just to provide a guide, you can count on us with absolute confidence and peace of mind.

Why choose Compuvate as your Digital Marketing Company

There are many reasons why you should secure our services. But let’s cut the chase and hit the nail on the head with just few reasons:

    Expert Team Members: At Compuvate, we are the best in what we do. Our team composed of certified professional, seasoned with years of experience successfully managing small and large scale enterprises. Our team members have been further trained to uphold the higher services standards that has been mandated on us.

    We Provide Services to any Business Size: We provide SEO services and other digital marketing services to any business size; large, medium or small. For the so-called “little man”, we provide cost effective and affordable solutions that meets your current and daily business needs. We do this while still maintaining higher quality standards. As a business owner, no matter your business size, you deserve quality service and we make that possible.

    We are Proactive: We don’t wait for SEO or other website technical issues to arise before we respond to them! We take preemptive measures to ensure we identify and fix issues before they negatively affect our clients. It like filling your tank before you run out of gas. Its common sense, Right?

    We Provide Top Notch Customer Experience: Customer Service is top priority to us. We don’t beat corners! We know, to maintain loyal clients, top quality service and exceptional customer relationship is the key. We don’t take our clients for granted! We know, we have to merit our clientele base. That’s why, every day we “Top-Up” our game to provide the very best.

Whatever your digital marketing service needs are, you can be sure to rely on one of the leading digital marketing companies in New York. Compuvate is here to help you meet those needs, so you can grow your business and increase your ROI. You can count on us, because we’re here to serve you!

Give us a try and see the positive impacts your business will have! We are delighted for the exceptional opportunity to be part of your positive stories.

Contact us – Let us be your digital marketing company.

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Grow your business with result oriented digital marketing services.

We can help you succeed online with a strategic and winning digital marketing services.

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, PPC Management Services

PPC, AdWords Management

Good PPC campaigns gives your brand instant impact, a much broader reach and exposure to those searching for what you offer. Succeed with better PPC Campaigns. More…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, SEO Services

Reliable SEO Services

Our SEO Services include but not limited to: Organic Search Increase, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research & Strategy and Activity Report. More…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Webmaster Services

Trusted Webmaster Services

Get that bug off your website! Our webmaster services keep a 24/7 monitoring eye on your website and online presence. We make sure your online infrastructure is optimal. More…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Social Media Management Services

Social Media Marketing

When social strategy is done effectively, it can help grow your business, increase your social presence and help you engage with your audience. Going viral will be easy. More…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Website Design Services

SEO Website Design Services

A Website designed with SEO in mind will not only rank well on search engines, it will also improve user’s experience on your website and become traffic magnet. More…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, WordPress Services

Convert Static Websites – Mobile

Looking to convert your static or HTML website to a responsive mobile-friendly website? Way to go! Search engines no longer like our long time static friends. More…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Web Development Services Manhattan NYC

Web Development Services

Cutting Edge Web Development. We develop applications in various languages, including but not limited to; HTML5, CSS, JAVA, AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rail, C++, Python. More…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, Online Business Listing

Free Online Business Listing

List your business for free on our website. We SEO every listing. Listing your business and website here will also give you one good new link to your website. More…

Compuvate Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, New York, IT Consulting Services

Computer Consulting Services

Compuvate IT consulting services can help you focus on running your business with peace of mind knowing your computer systems are performing as needed. More…

Sammy and his company has done some really technical work for us including a very complicated 301 redirect program as well as many WordPress customization’s. He is also a joy to work with, well worth the money.

Alan Horowitz

New York, USA, Alan David Custom

We use Compuvate for our webmaster duties and he provides great and prompt service!

Glenn Greenhouse

New York, USA, Greenhouse Agency, Ltd.

We’ve worked closely with Compuvate as a vendor partner on a project. Compuvate is responsive and professional. They produce high-quality results on development projects, operating with the rigorous security of a larger web agency but the speed of a small one. Would recommend them to anyone looking to build a website!

Alexander Wise

San Francisco, USA, Review on Google

Trillions of searches every year on alone.

Over half are made on mobile devices. Is your business optimized for a mobile-first world?

Compuvate is a Full-Services Digital Marketing Agency, accredited AdWords Management Agency, accredited Google Partner Agency, providing SEO Services, PPC Management Services, Webmaster Services, SEO Web Design Services and more. Digital Marketing Services you can RELY on to succeed.

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